What is Pixelshd.com?

Pixelshd is a high definition wallpaper search engine that allows users to browse our immense gallery of wallpapers as well as upload their own wallpapers in community.pixelshd.com. Users may sort images into their own collections and upload their own images to share with others in community.pixelshd.com. Remember sharing is caring.

What can I post?
All wallpapers are  acceptable such as photos,images, graphic design, themes, artwork, sculpture, architecture, photography etc.

How do I upload my own wallpapers?
Simply create a account or login through Facebook, Twitter or Goggle+ to begin uploading high definition wallpapers. Please ensure your wallpapers are added to appropriate “Fan Submitted” category.

Is there a limit to how many wallpapers I can upload a day?
Yes,there is a  limit you can upload only 20 wallpapers per day. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wallpapers.

How do I remove a wallpaper I uploaded?
At this time it is not possible for users to to remove uploaded wallpapers. Please email an administrator with the wallpaper file name and we will remove it ASAP.

How do I change my account settings?
Simply click your username in the top right hand corner of the screen to reach a drop down menu with “My Profile” or “Profile Settings.” These options will allow you to update your profile and adjust settings.

Is there any size limit?
Yes, you can upload max 16Mb size of wallapers.

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